Friday, March 11, 2011

Shingle, Coil, Shingle Part one: Materials

After taking out my first attempt at an invisible, which came out great, I decided 2weeks was enough. The main reason was I really missed my frotastic hair. I had to use my homemade shampoo (1) to wash all the gel and glue out. Which took forever. I then used my (2) conditioner, a cheap kind but I love it just like any expensive one. Lastly I used my (3) homemade deep conditioner, smells amazing and makes my hair so soft.

Steps 4-6 are just some of the products I used to actually get the shingle/coil effect in my hair. I used my (4) homemade Leave-in Conditioner treatment spray to condition. Then my (5) Castor Oil, a tip I learned from MsVCharles on YT, she made a good point about castor oil being super thick. Which it is and helping to 'reduce' flaking from the (6) Eco Styler gel which is the last step.
Forever blessed

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