Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reality Mealting Pot: 3/13-3/19

Hey all....this week was sooo juicy in the reality world it is crazy. I do promise to keep this post short so I can get back to Dog the Bounty Hunter. :)

So first off is the two part BBwives Reunion special:

John Salley was the host and let me say he was a little bit on the dry side. Like I felt like he just stuck way to the script to much. Overall I won't go into too much detail on the show because although Royce cursed out Evelyn and Jen, I know in a few months they will all be friends again. And Shaunie will continue to make her money and take advantage of her bitter friend's lives. I believe Suzie, Gloria, nor Ashely will be returning. I mean why would they. No one really paid attention to them. I watch my shows online so I have the courtesy of fast forwarding past all their parts. They even bought up Evelyn and Chad 85's relationship asking if it was real. I mean no ones business. But you never know. As far as a new season 3?? Yes, sometime in the summer meaning they will be filming shortly. Yay.

A very important part to me about this reunion were the shoes....ya'll know I loves me some shoes. YES Hunny....Okay these shoes were on point

Shaunie's shoes Custom made by Gasoline Glamour

Tami's Shoes (not sure by whom they are made)

Evelyn's shoes.....yummy. CL's of course!!

Next up is BGC.
Okay, this show is annoying to me now. Everyone is so extra for the cameras. But I am sad to say that Ashley left the show. I liked the first girl with the natural curly hair, she left. Then I really liked the red head girl, then she left. Now I was starting to like Ashley, now she is gone. Now I am stuck with masculine Nikki, who is hilarious. And the new replacement, Wilmarie who is from Jersey too. Yay!! Woot Woot. Hopefully they don't leave too. Besides the usual fighting, Char was actually very quiet this episode. And next week Lauren and Michelle (hope thats her name) get into a huge fight, meaning she may go home which is fine because she is boring anyway.

Other Reality shows I watched: (very small %)

Jersey Shore
Real World Season 5million in Vegas babi
Dog the Bounty hunter
True Life
Rupaul's Drag Race--OMG no one went home this week between Yara Sofia and Carmen Carrera. Ekk!!. I personally feel as though Carmen is just not all that into the show at all. But I am glad they both got to stay this week.

There many more but it is late.

P.S. RHOA may be coming soon. I heard they were supposed to start taping soon--Via Kandi.

P.S.S. My blog has reached 5000 views. This may not be a big deal to many, but to me it is awesome...Thanks for reading.

Forever Blessed

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