Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New hair Drama

The other day I went to the BSS to get some hair.
I had an event to do for the weekend and wanted

to look as fabulous as possible I guess. I had been wanting to do the Brandy/Patra/Justice braids for a while now. But I had never done it before and was a lil weary of how they would turn out. Well I went and purchased about 3 packs of bulk hair which were very inexpensive a pack. As I began to braid my hair I noticed two issues one: my natural hair was too dark. I used to be a 4 but I guess my hair is now a 2 because of it's natural state. I have no idea. And my second issue was this hair kept tangling up. It was like I having a fight with this hair and I was losing big time. Growing so frustrated I just gave up and decided Ok time to return the hair. Luckily I was able to exchange the unopened packs for Nyx Lip gloss, which I just love btw. So I decided to straighten my hair in the front and rocked my usual half wig. After straightening my hair so much in the front I decided to wear a protective style for at least 3 weeks...maybe. An invisible sew in with human hair. I haven't upgraded to Remy or Indian yet. This is a great protective style esp if you are a beginner in transitioning, it will prevent you from too much manipulation.

Forever blessed

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