Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diana Ross- Ain't no mountain high enough

I have always loved Miss Ross. But after seeing how nice she is on Oprah the other day I def am in Love with her. She is extremely humbled and beautiful. Legendary. You can only hope and pray to some day be the person that everyone admires or looks up to. Someone who started a legacy that not many people can say they did. Movies like The Wiz, and Mahogany made marks for her career and became a staple piece in many video collections for most families. Very inspiring for me to see her and Oprah together. They teach us that at the end of the day you have to make sure to never lose yourself. Yes being successful is great, but if you get lost along the way, you may end up with nothing at all. It takes some people a while to learn this, and many never learn it. But I think that if you can see something before it happens and you can spot certain things then you are off to a great start. Not many people out there we have to look up to. But Diana Ross is definitely one of them
Forever blessed

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