Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reality Mealting Pot: 3/6-3/12

I know I rarely make any posts about the things I watch on TV. I watch sooooooo many reality shows it is not even funny. I watch a lot of UK shows too. But this week so far has been filled with so many new and old shows. Between the fights and arguments, I don't know if I was watch TV or WWF wrestling matches.

First up B-Ball wives: Okay I have watched every ep since season one. But Sunday's episode was the most dramatic ever. I will also say this, I only watched the fight. Why? I only watched the fight part because I heard there was just a lot of nonsense footage beforehand. As in irrelevant to my life. AKA a waste of time, well you get the point. The fight was juicy too. Starting off when Eveyln slept with Kenny Anderson yrs ago. But he was still married to Tami. Now in my opinion I would've not done that on the show. Like seriously Shaunie. Shaunie nudges Evelyn like tell Tami what happened; all while at Jen's party. Personally I would've said no this is our best friends party. I guess Shaunie has too much pull for her to have said that to her. Anyway Evelyn then goes outside and tells Tami about messing with her ex-hubby, AKA her children's father while they were married. I feel as though it would have been received better had it been off camera. I wonder how she confronted Kenny about the situation. I doubt fists were flying in the air. Evelyn stated how irrelevant Tami was at that time in Kenny's life, I mean obviously how is your husband having a mistress for 6mths and you not know it. Not to mention the other chicks he more than likely had. So Evelyn and Tami fights kinda but it got broken up. Tami felt betrayed. And Miss O'Neal played both sides saying how she understood. I mean most women do but if that was your friend you should have been more concerned with her family than the ratings, which were the highest in VH1 history. If this show makes it to a Season 3 cool, if not I won't miss it that much.

Now on to BGC: Now this show has turned completely opposite of what it used to be. But I guess it is all about the ratings. In short, Char is still being Char. Nikki got laid and Char had to watch. Jen and Kori are spoiled brats. Ashley is still my fave, except for the fact she fight like a girl in HS. And the others, I can't remember their names because they don't do much. Ashley and Kori got into another fight over Char again. Kori standing up for Char who was on the phone the whole time. Dear Char poor baby, she actually thinks she is a brand and will be something more than a nobody once she leaves the house. If you went in as a nobody you will leave that house as a nobody, just saying. If I were a lead company lets say L'oreal, I am not calling Char. Not only is she getting older, she is embarrassing herself by being on a show like such. So back to the fight Ashley snuck Kori but in the mist of their little squabble ended up with the black eye. I am like how'd that happen. I love Ashley, but I have a feeling she will have to leave now.

I also caught that Love and Hip hop show. This show is super duper wack wack wack. Only because I don't get it except for the fact that it is just yet another show featuring how black people really are. Yeah lets keep letting other societies see how we all operate. Not all all black women argue and curse people out. Nor do we use our bodies and looks to get ahead. I feel as though this show is just a stage to make irrelevant people relevant again. Not gonna work.

I also saw All about Aubrey. This show has potential, but it just makes people not take Aubrey all that seriously anymore. She is trying to live separately from her past fame and be in her own light. Which is cool, but she is sooo wild that it may come across to most of her old fan base as trying too hard. I hope it works out for her though because this show is a reality of how hard it is to be successful twice in a lifetime.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this. Just had to get this alllll out of my system. LOL!
Thank you for reading, Pynkstarr
Forever Blessed

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