Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Freakouts + **Hair update**

**********Freaking out!!!! :O**********

Hey ya'll, I have been MIA for a min, but I have good reason. I am starting this whole business thing. I want it to be just perfect as perfect can be you know. I want people to buy my products and go wow, this girl cares for her customers and she cares about her brand.

Brand and Loyalty is my way to go. So, I have been freaking out because I have never really sold things that are personal to me before. Not to mention I want it to be too perfect, therefore the freakouts happen. AKA anxiety. Now if you have ever had panic or anxiety attacks before let me tell you they are no fun. No.1 rule I have learned is that when it becomes to overwhelming, then get a way from it and take a breather. Learn to be patient as well. I am not a very patient person but when owning your own business you have to be. Another thing is to listen to my gut. When I am feeling like uh oh, things are getting to hectic, then it is time to take off a few hrs if not days. My attacks are no fun at all. I have also learned how to be alone. Not to always tell people about your life. Get opinions but not really. I say that because at times what a person says esp family, matters a lot to me. So, I'd rather not hear what they have to say, good or bad, because it would just freak me out a bit.

I may be off the blog for the next coming weeks, but just know that I have love for those that read my blog and heavily appreciate you :)

**********HAIR UPDATE************
Of course I for got to take a recent pic of my shingling technique. But I just loved having my hair that curly. I know while my hair is short I can do that method, once it grows out I will have to find an easier way to go. Like I said my patience can be very slim. I now have my hair in a high bun. Which is sooooo super exciting because I have a little baby hair nub to actually hold the bulk hair I used for this bun. The method is used on YT a lot. You just gel your hair very good and then you pull hair into a ponytail--middle or side--is fine. Then you bet some bulk hair that is used to braid hair up. I had some left over from that wack single braid I tried to do last month. Next you attach a ponytail holder to the bulk hair then to your nubbie, or your ponytail. Then you bread the bulk hair and wrap it in to a bun. And bobby pin like never before.

Hope you all have a great night.
Thanks for reading
Forever blessed

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