Thursday, February 17, 2011

16, 17, 18 of Febuary

Hey Ladies, what's shaking turkey bacon. I have been a way from the blogger world a min now. Oops. But I have good reason. Today I had an interview so I had to mentally prepare myself for that. Plus I have been doing some things with my business. So my time is like going by so fast. I will continue to post the 28 days of Black movies. And today I have 3 movies that are connected. Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next. I know I know same movie, but they all mean different things. They also all have different endings. They are like apart of those movies that after 3, why make another. Heck, some movies shouldn't have made it past 2. Hello, Meet the parents, like seriously why are there so many. Let it go producers. Anyway. They say there may be another Friday, but in my opinion they should just let it be. The last one barely made it with the punchlines. I love the music they played in the last one. In case you have never seen any, where you beeenn???, I will explain below. :)
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Craig lives with his parents wacky parents and sister in a small house in the hood of South Central. He gets fired from his day off which prompts his day of adventure. His best friends Smoky gets him in some trouble they seem to have a hard time getting out of though out the movie; all while hiding their jewelry from the local hood gangster, Deebo. This movie is filled with happy times, sad times, hilarious times, and hood moments. I give it an A++.

Next Friday

In the sequel, Craig has to move in with his Uncle Elroy because Deebo is looking for him, in Rancho Cucamonga....And that is a real place in Cali, I Googled it. Uncle Leroy's son Day Day is the cousin that you have that will have you laughing up a storm. They live a across the Jokers, a Latin family in gang relations. While visiting his family, Craig again seems to not be able to escape his troubled past back in South Central. I give this one a B+. SN: The character called Roach was supposed to play in the 3rd installment of the Friday saga, died shortly before filming. RIP to him.

Friday After Next

This one to me was the most memorable because I saw it so many times. Day Day and Uncle Leroy move out of Rancho and into LA. Day Day and Craig live together in a complex with a crazy women for a landlord. Uncle Leroy and Mr. Jones open a rib joint in a mini mall where they get Craig and Day Day jobs to pay their rent. Being mall security isn't all that it cracked up to be, but Day Day takes his job too seriously and gets him and Craig in a lot of trouble.....again!. This movie also brings out a new comedian, Money Mike AKA Katt Williams. I rate this one an A-.

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