Friday, February 4, 2011

Boyz in the Hood

I've seen Boyz in the Hood so many times. And the most memorable moment was when he was a little kid and he and his friends found the dead body in the beginning of the movie. Totally gross but very interesting thing to put in a movie. This movie became the breakthrough for Ice Cube's movie career as a whole. Cuba Gooding Jr. was so adorable in here as well. And Nia Long as well. Watching Regina King drink like a dude just made me chuckle a little. And then you have Morris Chestnut with the damn instant game. I mean come on seriously. Okay some of the movie made sense but other parts were just like o. John Singleton was a great Director back then, I wonder where he is now. Anyhoo, this is a very great example of what it is/was like in South Central, La la land.

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