Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The cast of The Best Man Reunites!!

Hello lovely readers, I have to tell you that when they said it has been 12 years since The Best Man came out I was like in total shock. I couldn't believe it has been that long really. I feel so old just thinking about it. Although I was a little young at the time, I remember going to see it with my parents in the movie theater. It was sooooo good. And juicy, and mysterious all wrapped into one. It is so amazing to see African American actors still acting after years of so many successful movies. Taye Diggs is on Private Practice, Terrence Howard is the star of possible Oscar nominated movie "Winnie". I mean I can go on forever. It's just a happy feeling to see a cast still getting along. I think everyday for the next 30 days I will feature a film African American Film to showcase Black History Month on my blog. I challenge myself to do =)

Forever blessed

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