Sunday, February 6, 2011

Claudine + Jason's Lyric

I missed yesterday's post so I thought I'd double up. As others are watching that wack ass game, I am watching Drillbit Taylor. YaY.

Jason's Lyric is about a guy who has trouble letting his crazy brother live his life due to the guilt he has for letting him take the fall for killing their abusive dad. I love this movie. Allen Payne, also played in New Jack City, is super duper hottie. And a very great actor too. Jada Pinkett Smith plays his girl of interest who tries to talk some since into (Allen) about letting his brother go be a crazy man that he is. Very good movie, but not for children due to violence and cursing.

Now Claudine is a movie about a lady who is divorced twice with a lot of children. Who falls in love with yet another man played by James Earl Jones. The greatest part about this movie was the soundtrack, but it a pretty good adaptation of being on "The Welfare" in the 70's. They stalked your home and made sure you didn't work nor had a man or else he would be put on child support. Boy how times have changed.
Both great movies in my opinion to be on the list.
Forever Blessed


  1. Girl I LOVE Claudine!!! I am a 70's freak. She was sooo pretty and those kids were sooo BAD!!! The soundtrack was off the hook too.

  2. @special K Me too. A 70's freak since forever. I love the 70's everything: clothing, music, style, hair, just love it all. And Gladys Knight and the pips were off the hook through out the whole movie.