Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movies: Love edition 12, 13, 14 of February + update

While I am not watching the Grammy's , sorry they are always just too long for me to the point where I don't care to watch anymore. Instead I'd rather blog and watch Desperate Housewives. I will try and post pics this week of the outfits from the red carpet.

Also I will be starting my own business soon, so stay on the look out for that.

Okay on to some movies.

Love Jones
I have seen this movie so many times it is crazy. I think my favorite part is when Larenz Tate says his poem. Now that is just yummy. I am an obvious fan of Nia Long because this is like the 3rd movie of hers I have feature. But she is just a fabulous actress to me. Love Jones takes place I believe in Chi-Town. Features a love affair of words between two people who share a common interest in art. Darius Lovehall is a writer and Nina Moseley is a photographer. Not sure when, but I am pretty sure I wanted a camera after seeing this movie. The movie's title says it all, Love Jones, is basically the need to be with someone feenin' for them in every way possible; and in this case it was an artistic need that needed to be filled through love. Very enjoyable movie that should be watched on V-day with your hunny bunny :)

Waiting to Exhale
I remember when this movie came out and my parents purchased the bootleg and made me hide in the bathroom when the sex scenes came on. Lol. The movie is another Terry McMillan masterpiece that was written in the early 90's later turned movie/box office hit. It features some of the greatest actress ever. Angela Bassett, Loretta Divine, Leah Richon and Whitney Houston. Based out in Arizona, these four women faced what many women face 'til this day, man issues. The message throughout the movie was to basically breathe again with or without a man. Finding your own while still maintaining that gf relationship too. The best part of the movie to me were the songs. I mean Cherish by MJB was like the anthem to the movie. I wonder what this movie would be like if it were made today.

Soul Food
Not just about love, but also about family. Family and God are always there for you. Some may not have the usual dad/mom relationships but family to me is what you make it to be. In the movie there were some low down dirty things going on, some happy times, some very sad times, but in the end family stuck together. The best part of this movie to me was the foodie....hmmmm. I love to eat and I love food so watching it may make you hungry. You have been warmed.

Forever blessed

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