Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crooklyn + Raven Symone

Day 3 of Black History Month

I just love the movie Crooklyn so much, that as a child I watched it more than I ever watched anything. Okay not more than Spice World, but I did watch it a lot. It was funny, and sad and is another movie set in the 60s-70s. The story takes place in Brooklyn where a little girl (Troy) has to deal with being African American, life, being a girl all during a summer. I was told or heard that it was based on Spike Lee's life, but I am uncertain. Spike Lee is one of those writers where you have to read in between the lines in order to understand the movie. But it will always be one of my faves.

Now on to Raven......

Raven Symone has been in my life forever. I used to have her poster hanging in my room when she was a rapper in like 1993-94. I have always been a fan. I've seen every episode of That's so Raven and I have a few of her CDs. I just got word that she will be starring in a new television series for ABC family. And I am totally screaming in my head. After all these years the fact that Raven has maintained such a positive and humble attitude towards her career is so wonderful. ABC/Disney is the type of company that has your back as long as you stay on the straight and narrow. Meaning no Lindsay or Britney episodes. Poor Demi. Anyways, since Raven is just a very wonderful role model for young girl I am so glad they have given her the opportunity to have another show. I missed seeing her on TV. The show is called "The great State of Georgia" and she plays the main character Georgia. I am super excited to see this show and can't wait until it starts.
Thank you all for reading,
Forever blessed

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