Monday, February 14, 2011

Natural Hair- My dryness

Well, I have been natural for about almost a year before I decided to actually cut off my perm. I decided to cut it off because I thought it would help my hair with its dryness. Boy was I wrong, wrong wrong. It's like my hair is a sponge. In not in a good way either. If it's not twisted up or braided it doesn't have moisture for long. I mean I know they said keep it moisturized but I have gotten a little bit annoyed with the way it has been recently. I kinda straightened it the other day and it actually came out good. But I was too scared to apply too much heat to it. Well after about 2-3 hrs my hair was back to its dry state again. I know there are so many products out there that help, but they are super expensive and I am not in the budget to keep spending my money all willy nilly like that. I have been think about a lot of different styles lately and what to do about the dryness. I wanted to braid it maybe or do another sew in. But I know me. When I decided in Sept 2008 to not perm again, I just wore wigs everyday. And sewed in my hair almost every week different colors. But then I started working and decided to perm it again. Now that I have decided to go natural, when I do a sew in or even wear a wig it annoys my head. If I braid it it annoys me to. I don't get why. I love the way so many people sew in hair and it protects their hair. But for me it won't work at all and I end up wasting money on hair. I'll be working for an event in NYC for a few days and I need it to look as professional as possible. Not sure where I am going with my hair as of yet, but I'll keep you posted.

SN: Thank you guys for reading my blog, it means a lot to me. I love you all a lot and remember to always always put God first.

O yea Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. what do you put in your hair to keep it moisturized now? using deep conditioners and leave ins help alot with holding moisture if your not already doing that. i use a spray leave in by jane carter its helps alot with dryness in my hair!

  2. @Kenzie I have not found a leave in I love just yet. So far the last two weeks I have just washed my hair a lot. like every other day. I wanna try Jane carter products. I like Miss Jessie's Curly pudding a lot. But I have to leave my hair twisted for a while, when it is out, after a day it dries up again. IDK. But thank you so much for the info =). God Bless