Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 movies ???

So where have I been. Lol. I have soooo missed writing on my blog and adding a few notes here and there about different things. I love all those who read my blog. Or those who tell a friend. Thank you all so much for the support.

Now on to the final ten movies for Black History Month. This will be a little bit short because I have to finish cooking.

19. What's Love got to do with it.

20. Dreamgirls

21. Ray

22. Princess and the Frog

23. Vampire in Brooklyn

24. All of Pam Grier movies: Foxy Brown, Sheeba Baby....etc

25. Cinderella: the one with Brandy

26. The Color Purple

27. Harlem Nights.

28. For Colored girls

The movies I listed are not anything specific. Not in any order what so ever. But these are just a small number of movies I have loved or my family has loved over the years.
Well I will be back later to show of some new things I have going on. :) Love you all.

Forever Blessed

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