Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Halle Berry

I just love Halle Berry as an actress. Both Strictly Business and Boomerang were two of her most memorable movies to me, before she went all Hollywood on us. She had the short hair cuts back then and used to wear those crazy colors.

In Strictly Business she played a lady who worked in a club who began dating a kinda square guy (Joseph C. Phillips, Cosby Show), while Tommy Davison's character tries to move up in Phillips' company, he helps him become cool. Story line wasn't really all that, but some parts are hilarious.

Boomerang is one the funniest movies ever. It so much variety of things going on. You had Eddie Murphy playing the player of the movie and his neighbor, Tisha Campbell, always yelling at him. Women Stealing, sleeping with your boss; or bosses (Eartha Kitt & Robin Givens). Halle Berry was the shy pretty girl next door who just went with the flow as well as taught students. Grace Jones's part was so hilarious in the restaurant.

I give them both 5Stars because they were just memorable movies.
Thank you all for reading =)

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