Saturday, May 28, 2011

Basketball wives 3 : Premiere episode 1 : Recap

Hey ya'll. I think I may try my best to 'review/recap' BB wives this season along with BGC7. If the rest of the season is just as good as the first episode then I will def tune in to all the eps and the reunion as usual. Warning...if you haven't seen Season 3 ep 1 Do Not continue reading. :)

-Eveyln, Jenn, and Shanie discuss the reunion situation at Jennifer's new pad.

-Royce goes on and on about how she needs a new man. And that she no longer speaks to Jenn and Evelyn. Nor Shaunie. A lot of it has to probably do with twitter I am assuming.

Tami meets with Royce to discuss things that have happened since the reunion show aired. And Tami speaks on the 'Non-muthaeffin-factor tshirts that Evelyn has produced. Which are on sale as of right now, I think.

Royce explains how much a hoe (insert jester above)Evelyn is, and that she had no right in saying what she said about Tami last season.

-Shaunie meets the new girl to the clique, Meeka Claxton.

-Meeka goes to meet with Jenn who has never met her before. But feels the need to discuss Eric being on the radio and how he may still be in love with Jenn *crooked eye*.

-Royce, Ashley, and Suzie go out with some chicks who doesn't wanna be on camera. Royce slips and says something about Suzie having a man already and Suzie gets upset.

Meeka goes to meet Royce for the first time. Meeka seems like the kinda person that just has to say everything on her mind at that moment. She brings up Royce fraternizing with Dwight Howard while being a dancer. Now how can you speak of things you do not know about. She was single. He was single. They made a baby. End of story. People keep bringing up the same crap about Royce being a dancer. Royce does a smart thing by not sharing too much with Meeka on the first day.

Meeka goes out with Evelyn, Shaunie, and Jenn, who had very cute shoes ( see above pic) on for that night. Meeka speaks through most of the dinner alone discussing what was said between herself and Royce. Told ya, she can't hold water.

Evelyn goes to meet Tami about the shirts. Evelyn has no regard what so ever about these shirts. And then has the audacity to discuss giving Tami the proceeds from the first batch of shirts. Like seriously come on now Evelyn. The charity for young women are going to accept a donation from the sell of the 'non-muthafuc#$$-factor shirts. O_0. So Tami threatens to sue and Evelyn could careless.

Tami shows up to Evelyn's shop Dulce, who has really nice shoes. They kinda discuss the shirts. More like arguing and cursing at each other. The whole entire time they discuss these shirts, which is really about a man. Sad to say that most fights between women are always about men at the end of the day. Yes it was 12 yrs ago, but they have a history and the fact that Evelyn think it is really okay to profit of something like this is really a shocker.

I hope this season is great, from the super trailer it is going to be something special.
Til next time, Always put God first.

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