Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to***Organizing your time/projects

In order for me to be organized is to write everything down. Once I write it down, whether I get to it or not I will always have it written somewhere. I find places to write things the most inexpensive way possible. For example in college, I used a day planner to write down my assignments, exams, trips etc. That was my go to stay or feel completed. Like I said I knew things for me get done when I wrote them down. I forget things all the time and find that writing things down help me out a lot.

Now that I have graduated from college, I have found myself keeping more and more post it notes. But because post it notes aren't together, they end up everywhere in my house. So instead I have decided to put them in my daily notebook. This way I can see them when I check out what I need to do.

At the current moment I have a binder, notebooks, and folders I use to organize home projects. And to also organize any business ventures I have going on.

My binder is divided into sections:
First section is my year projects broken down into categories such as bedroom, kitchen, etc.
Second and third section consists of my blog ideas and posts.
There is also a grocery or store coupon section that also consists of a folder for the coupons.
Another section is for my recipes that I want to try. I usually write those down on index cards and place the index cards for now in a folder. I will soon purchase some recipe plastic card holders.

I also have a notebook I use for everyday organization. It is portable so I usually take that to the grocery store with me. I stick my post it notes on there. Whatever needs to be done daily, usually goes in there. It becomes so much at times so recently I just go bi-weekly. Instead of trying to squeeze so many things into one day.

Hope these tips help. Stay tuned for my wish list.
Thank you
God Bless

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