Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starr life and home blog!

Hey ya'll. Come support my NEW blog: http://starrlifeandhome.blogspot.com/
My blog here is mostly TV stuff and fashion and some spiritual stuff too. But I have an itch to craft at times. I love to cook and buy food. I cut coupons out. I guess you can say I am domesticated to an extent. Like for my own pleasures I try and organized because I love order. And I like things tidy and clean. Although I am a little bit messy. But I have learned that as you get older, things just work better organized. So I have decided to start a craft/cooking/organizational blog. Check it out and refer it to your friends. And no I will not stop blogging on this blog. Like I said before this blog is more entertainment and spiritual stuff. Where as my new blog is more for at home/practical everyday lifestyle stuff.
Happy Tuesday!!
God Bless

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