Sunday, May 22, 2011

A 'me' update + Beyonce Performs at the Billboard Music Awards

Hey ya'll. Happy Sunday. Today was the usual of wackness. But because of my love for hidden object games, it by super fast. Things to report about today:

Thank those of you who are continuing to pray for Jeff Conaway to get better. No I do not work for him, but he like many celebs in the world have a soft spot in my heart.
Also my hair finally cooperating with me. More natural hair pics to come soon.
Beyonce performs at ABC's Billboard Awards. I think tonight they hit the jackpot with having her perform. One thing I say about Bey, and that is she knows when to make an appearance and when not to. Her performance tonight was awesome. She danced alone for like the whole time almost. I was like um where are the dancers. Did they cut the budget. Then these two lil boys came out. But the graphics on the screen were awesome. I am a fan of most (pretty much all) of her performances as well as a lot of her songs. And that is all I will say about that :D

Thanks for reading, and have a safe work/school week.
Forever Blessed

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