Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to.....

....Pam Muthaeffin Grier!!!!!! I love love love the 70's so much and it just so happens that most of Ms. Grier's movies were made in the 70's. 70's is like the year I think I was supposed to had been born in. Why do I love me some Pam Grier? She is just fabulous. Everything about her is awesome. All her movie characters kick butt times 10. And she dresses soooooo well. My fave movie is Friday Foster, where she has to photograph the Black Widow and then ppl come after her. Def a good movie. Next is Foxy Brown because of Antonio Fargas says "that's my sister baby girl, and she is a whooole lotta women" LOL. Yess!! It was hilarious. Yet another movie she was kicking but in. To me there is no other Actress in the African American community that can ever take her place. No matter how hard folks try to play her in a movie, it just never works. Pam Grier, I love you to death and would like to wish you the most special birthday you can ever have. May God continue to bless you and may you many many more. :) Muah

God Bless

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