Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BRAD leaving!!!! Nooo

Hey Ladies

This is like one of those days where you are like WTH...why!!! NO!!!!
Ok so I get a newsletter sent to me daily from a site called Styleite. I love the site because it hips me to the fashion breaking stories, that I usually don't have time to look for Well today I see that Brad Goreski has left Rachel Zoe's team as style director. Now looking from the outside in I'm thinking " that sounds like the best job ever" but as someone in that postion, things are always different. I kind understand when Brad says in the article that he wants to spread his wings and fly. When you have so much experience in the fashion industry and you learn so much, you get older-things change. You start seeing that there is more to life than just working for someone. Now I don't know his issues with Lady Zoe, but I do know I love him and her. I can't imagine what life will be like now that he is out out the company as of Oct. Rachel must be having a freaking collapse moment. I mean working a hectic schedule like hers and this news coming not to long after NY fashion week. Who will go to all the shows with her now. Hopefully they can both find something great outta this. Maybe Rachel will find the best style director ever and Brad will start a bow tie Love them both, cant wait til next season.
Forever Blessed

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