Friday, September 24, 2010

Sephora Coupon

Hola Chicas

The other day on my way home I stopped at sephora, you know the one in JCpenney. I had to return that hidious dress so I said why not. Well I ended up only getting eye makeup remover because I've been wanting to try it. Well let me tell you that eye stuff is great. With a Q-tip or make up pad, just a drop will do. And your good to go. Any how I was standing in line and saw that the lady had like 5 coupons in her hand. Now I've printed at least 3-4 coupons for Sephora at JCpenney, that I was told repeatedly "oh im sry that was last month". So I gave up. But it says 10/22/10 on the coupon. So I'll check and see if it works for me tomorrow. Or Monday. I doubt it works but it's worth a try right. Well here is the coupon link for a Buxom Mascara in black. Print it and lets enjoy a freebie...
Enjoy your weekend

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