Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay-Chritian Siriano Spring 2011

Hi there.
So after watching PR8 I realized "hey didn't they host a fashion last night". So I headed over to and checked to see who won. To my surprise, yet again all the remaining contestants had runway shows. I'll blog about those in another post.

CS's looks were all so fabulose-I like this spelling better :)-I could only chose 5 tho. Don't wanna seem to over crowded. But he appeared to be going for a St. Tropez look. Kinda reminded me of something J-Lo would wear. Then he had some beautiful prints towards the end. There was a lot of asymmetries, off the shoulder. And some dresses had a Grecian feel to them. But overall I loved it of course. Check out below my top 5.
Forever Blessed

*All photos are from NYMag*

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