Thursday, September 9, 2010

Am I ready for the Transition?

Hola Chicas
I can't help but be afraid of this journey I may or may not be taking. In a previous post, I mentioned that I may want to go natural but not exactly sure if I am ready to commit fully to being au natural. Full commitment to me means to give up perming for life!! No Perm forever! That was scary to me. I couldn't see myself being comfortable in the corporate world with "nappy" looking hair. I work in a fashion showroom and I wore my hair in the little curls for weeks until recently where I pressed my hair. Then I wore my cute short cut wig. My boss was like OMG you look so cute and I love your hair this way. What she really meant was "please stay away from the natural look because to me you look better this way". With my hair curly, people like my friends complemented me on it. But how did I really look to others, esp those in the corporate world.
Not being able to str8en my hair with a relaxer could alter how people looked at me. I am already African American, short, very skinny, and I live in the 'hood'. And now I'd have nappy hair.
I want to fully transition into natural hair though. It's sexy and cute and just less hectic then perming every other month. It is also more affordable to maintain. It costs me about $100.00 a month to get my hair done. Thats $1200 a add tip and the occasional products you buy to style your hair. Thats almost $1500 a year in just hair care, services, etc.
So far in the past 6 months of natural curling, I have only spent no more than $20 on curl activator. Shampoos and conditioners, deep conditioners I already had.
My point is I am 75% ready to transition fully into natural hair. It's a mind thing. I have to psych myself out into realizing curly or kinky is ok, no matter where you live or work. It's who u truly are. If at any time I feel it affects my chances at a job or whatever then I'll just sew in or wear a wig. But for right now transitioning is in my future....YAY!!!
So if you are ready to go on a journey then take a look at yourself and make a change!!
Forever Blessed

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  1. I decided to transition to "natural" hair. My last relaxer was April of this year and so far I can't see myself ever going back to a relaxer. Good luck on your transition, and love your blog!