Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project Runway-ep9

After watching Project Runway this week I have realized that maybe fashion is more than what I see on the runways or on people walking the streets. Every look that I loved, were in the bottom of the bunch. My top faves were Micheal C., Mondo, and Ivy. I look at what looks appealing to me. As far as colors and the way it was styled. From a TV stand point, these dresses looked amazing. I don't look at shape, unless its something noticeable. Valerie's second dress was obviously crooked on top. But until they spoke on Ivy's look about the top, I then saw what they saw. My point is I loved Michael C's second look better. and color choice. Mondo's looks were both amazing. Gretchen's garments were sucky to me. Not only is she a mean, bully, narcissistic...she isnt very humble. When she wins its like "O but of course I won". I'm glad Mondo won...He is very humble since the beginning and he respects people.
Lines of the night was how well constructed Micheal C's garments were...HA! take that bullies.

Ivy's First look

Mondo's First Look

Mondo's Second look

Michael C's second look

Valerie's First look

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