Thursday, September 30, 2010

research mishap!!-Don't believe the Hype

Hola Chicitas!!
Lately as you all may know, I have been exploring the realm of transitioning from relaxers to completely natural. Completely natural not necessarily meaning all "natural" or "organic" products. But no relaxers. For ever!!! I have been learning so much about different ingredients. I never associated looking at ingredients for my hair as I have for my skin. You hair doesn't break out when it doesn't like something. As far as my skin is concerned, I know what works and what doesn't but by brand and not by ingredient. I never thought that maybe the brand isn't the issue, maybe its the ingredient thats the issue. Doing google searches for a a curious 'transitioner' such as myself is epic #FAIL. I say this because being new to anything comes with learning from your mistakes. My major numero uno mistake, believing everything I hear and read. Second mistake is then to make new purchases of products that may or may not even work. I was lucky enough to catch myself last night from having a major break down.

I decided to research words on the backs of all my products. And when I say almost all my products caused some form of "Cancer" i mean it. There was something wrong with everything I own. My BF told me to breathe, relax, people say things on forums all the time. Thats when I realized how venerable I really was. Believing in the internet is a big NO NO.
So I have vowed to from now on when researching, don't believe the hype :)

Please if you are in transition, or even if you get relaxers, here are some tips:
1) Don't believe everything you read online, or what people tell you. Whether you know them or not. What works for your favorite youtuber/blogger may not work for you. What works for your parents may not work for you. And what may work for your brother's girlfriend's daughter's aunt's cousin's baby daddy may also not work for u. Do your OWN research. Make your OWN decisions based on your hair, skin, life, etc

The End
I love you all
Forever Blessed


  1. 100% agree with what you wrote! It's extremely important to do your own research. Not all products work for ALL hair types!! Enjoyed this post.

  2. oh thank you so much...many fall victim to it...