Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brand new Co-wash routine

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I know you all are thinking, "y does she keep changing her hair routines". Well I am in a transition period of my hair. Sometimes it takes a while to find what really works and what doesn't work on your hair. My hair is super sensitive to breakage. Not only that but I wear my wigs all the time during the week. So about 8-9 hours a day can do some serious breakage to my ends as well as edges-nape and baby hairs. I am learning to treat my hair with the respect that I treat my body. I shower, moisturize, and lotion my skin daily. Why not treat my hair the same. My hair doesn't react to products the way it does my skin. If I can't use a lotion or soap, I get a rash and change. But with my hair, its all about knowing how you want your hair to feel before and after washing.
Not that my Co-washing routine from before was bad or damaged my hair. It just wasn't as moisturizing as I need it to be. Hopefully this new routine will work for my transition hair. Yes, it takes time and $ to keep changing from product to product, but being able to have healthy hair in the end will make it worth it.

New Hair Routine:
First, I used my Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil on my dry hair. I then applied Culture wet or dry detangler and brushed my hair, starting from the bottom working my way up. I separated my hair into 6 sections-3 on each side of my head. I applied Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Conditioner from root to tip. Then began braiding in medium sized braids. After I conditioned and braided all sections I rinsed the conditioner out, leaving the braids in. If they unravel just re-braid. With braids still in, I applied Lustersilk cholesterol deep conditioner. I then placed a shower cap on. I cut the legs off of stockings and placed the left over part over the shower cap. Later placing a wool hat on. I left this on for about 30-45 mins. This lets the deep conditioner really condition my hair. I then applied a very tiny amount-about the size of a quarter-of my Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner as my leave-in. Until I purchase one that I like, I'll do this instead. ** You can actually use any conditioner u have as a leave-in but apply very lil. Because too much will be a disastrous result, speaking from experience**

Forever Blessed!

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