Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Hair Products Mini Haul

Hey my wonderful readers.
Today I went to Ricky's in NYC to price some new hair products, Plus I wanted to see what exactly did they carry. I've been in their maybe once or twice but they didn't have stuff I used so I never bought anything. Well today, I bought a few things. Turns out Ricky's is a little bit outta my price range but I hear the products I was looking for usually are. When I make a goal in mind to buy something, I try and stick to it. But I'm starting small. I bought the Miss Jessie's Curling Pudding...but in 2.oz jar. I also bought Carol's Daughter Hair Milk in Light Curl Booster. Oh, I also bought Fantasia IC Styling Gel.

Now my co-wash day isn't until Saturday so I won't try it yet on semi-dirty hair. Plus the Hair Milk and Curling Pudding say's apply to damp hair. I'll see how these work and let ya'll know....lol. Wish me luck!!
I love ya'll for reading.
Forever Blessed....Never Stressed.

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