Thursday, September 23, 2010

New hair products of the week

Hello my wonderful ladies.
Where have I been I know?????
This whole week has been super crazy. I did a fashion event called the ENK Coterie trade show. It was such a learning experience that I can't wait to go again in the winter. But that is the only reason to abandon my blog.....$$$
Well I did buy a JCpenney dress by ABS, I planned on wearing for the show. Tried it on, and ewww. So I returned it. Then I found a nice-inexpensive-beauty supply store in NYC. I purchased the Cantu grow strong strengthening treatment $4.99. And Hollywood beauty Castor Oil-$2.99. Now the castor oil isn't natural, meaning it has other ingredients. but it does make my hair soft. So I'll give it another week or two to see if my hair grow. Still haven't decided on doing the BC yet, but I'll keep my options open for next

Thank you for reading.

Forever Blessed

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