Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Week/ FNO-lincoln park

Hey Chicitas, it is I...Pynky...
While surfing through the internet and checking my mail and twitter I have come to realize that Fashion week is right around the corner. Last season I was able to see the tents in Bryant Park, but this year being that it is sooooo far away from my office at Lincoln Center I can't even catch a glimpse of celebs. Also my plan to win tickets for FNO went to poooh because I never edited or posted my vid. Guess i'll have to read about it like everyone else. But fortunately I will be attending the ENK Coterie, which is a trade show. Maybe I'll see someone famous.
Besides working a booth, I'll also be taking notes on the event. Looking forward too seeing whats hot for Spring and how well NY shows do compared to Las Vegas. #EpicFail I heard.
Back to Fashion week. I'm looking forward to seeing many new and older designers and can't wait to see how they adjust to the new locations. Schedules coming soon.
Forever Blessed and Never Stressed :)

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