Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basketball Wives....where is this going**Plus Single Ladies

Hi guys, so I know I was supposed to had reviewed BBwives season 3. But the internet situation has been crazy. Not only that but it is honestly not worth it you know. There is nothing positive I'd be able to say about these chicks. Sry to say but I have little cousins more mature than most of them. At the end of the day, in a few years maybe by next year people will not remember who these people are. But we will always remember what they did. Or how stupid they acted. Remember Pumpkin from Flavor of Love Season 1, well people do not remember her, but we alllll remember how she spit in New York's face. These people right now are on that high life of reality because it is what's up now. But to sacrifice your family or your own personal issues is crazy. No amount of money is worth that to me.
Now on to Monday nights episode

So it starts off with Tami climbing through the window to talk to a sad and pissed off Evelyn about Jenn calling Chad a media whore. Which from the outside we can say that because of what we were seeing on blogs and stuff. But the fact that Evelyn is her friend was just a no bueno.
Then they all go to dinner and that is where Tami begins to make fun of Meeka. Which is like how 4th grade is that. Seriously. I love how they just do the craziest things just for the sake of doing it. Which is just pure entertainment for us.
So fast forward to Susie telling what was said at lunch. Again Susie has a big a$$ mouth about something else. She can not keep it inside. And poor Meeka doesn't get not to trust anyone in that group. They are the mean girls. They are waiting for you to feel comfy enough to mention stuff about someone else so they can bring it up and make you look dumb. And at the end of the day Shaunie is the master and they are the puppets. But hey make that "paper" right.
After all the fighting between Meeka and Tami, Meeka leaves which was the smartest thing. She should sue Tami in my opinion because Tami hit her first. Don't matter how much someone gets in your face until they touch you it is not self defense. So if Tami wants to use that defense then maybe she should've beat her up in the bathroom where there aren't any cameras.
They all go to dinner to say what a wonderful fabulous time they all had. The fact that they don't feel anything that happened was wrong and immature is just beyond me.
I will continue to watch the drama of course but I will not rush to see it like the past few weeks. I mean Shaunie, how long do you really think we can watch people talk about each other and fight every episode.

Single Ladies***
Yes, I am finally caught up on this show. I love it so much. Like this is my fave show on TV right now. Maybe because it is not a reality show. Anyhoo if you like fashion this is the show for you because they ladies and the men are tearing it up with the clothing. I have loved every outfit they wear. This show gets 5 GA peaches; it is based in the A for those who haven't seen it :)
Well enjoy this hot day again....
God bless

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