Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update on me

Hello ya’ll. Long time no speak right. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Things for me are, well, let’s just say I cannot complain. As easy as it is to complain I will not do that. And also I’d like to thank the people that have written nice prayers for my aunt. It is truly a blessing to have such support from strangers when it comes to prayers.

On another note, I have wanted to share some fashion info with you all for the longest time. Ever since I have had this blog I wanted to speak on different fabrics and heavy hitters of the fashion industry. My next post will show some names of SOME designers you may or may not know of. There are wayyyyyy to many to name. Also I have been thinking about taking a fabrication class, which discusses every fabric and fiber ever made; basically a textile class. This would help me to understand and actually feel different types of fabrics. There are just so many and if you are going to be in the fashion industry you have to know what they feel like. If you are unsure or curious of a fabric go to a store and ask questions. Or read tags of different clothing that feels great to the touch or rough. You can read and know the spelling, pronunciation of any texture in the world, but if you have no idea what it feels like, you are kind of out of the loop.

Hope you all enjoy this post. I love you all for reading.
God bless

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