Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding stuff but not on purpose ∆∆ Happy Birthday Daddy

Today was just like any normal day to me. I watched some TV, cooked, cleaned, etc. After watching some vids I found myself cleaning out my mailbox. Which is about 14,000 something right now. And about 1,000 unread messages. I still have at least 2 accounts that are the same amount, if not more. Well, I was going through it and found Rev Run Words of Wisdom. I love these because they always lift my spirit. I have been receiving them since 08 and I never deleted them from my because I knew they would come in handy. Luckily for me on my Apple mail I can still read some mail without internet. I found sooooooo many affirmations it is crazy. I always read them, but I guess you can't remember them all. Esp when you are scanning other mail. Anyhoo. I think that it is awesome to have found them esp right now. I think that they will help me with my faith and other things as well. If you get a chance, look up Rev Run's words of wisdom online to find out how to receive them daily.

So today is my dad's bday. And even though he is rarely online I want to wish him a happy bday. I love you daddy :)
God bless

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