Thursday, July 28, 2011

Website of the week:

Hello and happy Thursday. I really really enjoy finding websites that have nice things that I feel as though I can share on here. I do not receive any promos for these sites and I post things on my blogs because I like that or they look nice to me. Well I found a site called This site has the cutest notebooks I have ever seen in my life. Notebooks and journals like these make me want to write in a journal everyday.

My latest journal is my Affirmations/Quotes/Gratitude journal. Where I state nothing but positivity. When I write in my actual journal, it can sometimes be a little bit negative or sad. So I was watching "organizelikejen" my fave youtuber right now, and she said how she writes ina a gratitude journal to help her stay balanced. After I realized how much better you can feel writing nothing but positive things it changes your view on life completely. Like today I got a quote from REV RUN's daily word. "We must learn to trust Gods mighty hand! God has more than enough to help everyone. Remember. When you're down to nothing God's up to something!" Sometimes when I feel like things are not going so well, I'll say something like that to boost me up. Or write them down in my journal. I just really want a new journal though :). And is the place I will go to get it.

My wish list prices range from $ 20.00 to about $50.00. There are just so many notebooks on the site that are just too cute for words.
Happy shopping

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