Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sry: denim week continues

So because I have been such a slacker lately ( although it is not my fault at all). I have actually been trying my best to find a way to make some postings for you all if not for personal reasons or life issues of the week. But also for fashion tips and clothing styles of the weeks. So below I will post the remaining denim trends of the week.

Denim Vest

Why not cut the sleeves of your fave vintage denim jacket to sport this look for the summer. Sure you go to the store and purchase a brand new denim vest, or you can go Salvation Army or any thrift store and cut the sleeves off. To make it more funkier purchase some embellishments. There are tons of places like Micheals or even in the NYC garment district area that sells embellishments.

Boyfriend Jeans

I have so many BF style jeans in my wardrobe it's crazy. You can take some of your BF's jeans and wear them cuffed at the ankle like the above photo. Or you can go to any Thrift store or men's section at Forever 21 to find a cute pair.

Denim Dress

I have yet to find a denim dress I love. But HM and Forever 21 has some really great selections available for the summer.

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks denim looks. Next week is mixing tribal patterns.
Stay blessed

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