Thursday, July 28, 2011

Consignment versus Thrift

Hey ya'll happy Thursday everybody. I have never ever in my life been to a consignment shop. To me, I always thought consignment and thrift stores were basically the same thing. But I have recently found out that I was wrong.

Definition of Consignment
----- A place that may or may not take your clothing for a price. Meaning they pay you for gently worn clothing. And depending on the store they take just about anything. I have heard that most consignment stores are a little bit stuck up so take named brand stuff like H&M or even Louis Vuitton. Can also be extremely costly, but worth it in the end.

Definition of Thrift
----- A place where people take clothing to get a tax write off. Usually they take take just about anything and is usually given to charity or organizations. Or they can be resold in a store. Like Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. They usually have special deals like $5 bags of pretty great selections.

Although I have not been able to shop for like almost a year now, I love me some thrift stores. But when I want a really nice vintage piece like a handbag or brooch I may have to go to a consignment store.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.
God bless


  1. I LOVE a thrift store too, especially if you visit in the right area!!! I rarely go to consignment shops, but when I do they have cute items priced accurately (to be used).

  2. @Special K I have heard some really great things about consignment stores lately. I hope to find a reasonably priced one soon in NYC or Jersey. :)
    Thank you for reading