Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weddings: Toya Carter's big day, Tamara Mowry magazine Spread, and Kristen Cavallari ,

Although Tamara Mowry got married a few mths ago, she is on the cover of Getting Married mag for the month. During the photo shoot she wore some amazing dresses including a very pretty Vera Wang piece above. Tamara also did an interview, so pick up your copy today.

Where have I really been. But huge Congrats to Toya Carter, or shall I say Toya Wright; who married Memphitz about a month ago. The past few days bloggers and magazines have been posting some amazing pics of her wedding photos. Her dress was absolutely beautiful and those shoesss hmm. Check {BET} for more exclusive photos of the bride and the groom. Congrats again Toya

I think I became a huge fan of Kristen's after LC graduated from Laguna Beach and moved on to the Hills. Kristen was just this fearless girl who, although in HS, she was so grown up. Ao it was no surprise to me that they brought her back for the The Hills. Fast Forward a year and she was engaged to be married this weekend but the wedding was cancelled. Before the actual wedding though Life&Style mag did a photo shoot with her as she tried on a few gowns and gushed about the big day. It must be really hard to have to go through this moment as a young women in the spotlight. Be strong Kristen {Life&Style}


  1. I love the twins. Feels like I grew up with them. Nice post!


    Soraya, FWB

  2. @BANG: FWB, I know I love them as well, since like forever. Thank you for reading :)