Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Drink Non Alcoholics ∆∆∆ Homemade Iced Tea

Summer Drinks to stay cool.
Hello all. Hope all is well. I am doing awesome of course. So far this summer has been a scorcher of all scorchers. I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of gal, so I can not wait for the fall to come up soon and reduce this humidity. But for now I will enjoy the cool drinks for the summer.

First on my list is ice cold Homemade Sweet Tea.

I use a gallon pitcher I purchased from Walmart a year ago. Making my own tea has saved us at least $100.00 for the summer time. If you purchase Snapple or Arizona as often as we used to during the hot summer, then you understand how expensive it can be. Not only is making your own tea cheaper but also you know what is in it. You can use tea bags and then add lemons later on. But to me this is too much work because you do have to boil water first then let the tea cool off and all that stuff. Instead I just purchase the tea mix that is already made. Like 4C or Lipton, which ever is on sale for the week. I use about 6 scoops of tea mix and 3-4 scoops of sugar. Depending on how it tastes I may have to add more or less of either. Just add the ice cubes and then Presto! your own homemade version of ice tea. Of course if you are a diabetic you may want to use a sugar substitute or just use tea bags instead. Also some tea mix brands come in different flavors now; like fruit punch or mango.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

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