Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blogtober 15-Keep the dream going

I feel as though we all have something inside of us, whether its a dream / goal from when we were younger or a new one that was formed as recent as last night. There is always a bigger picture. The only thing that we have to remember is that bigger picture. But I don't mean put it some where in the back of your mind or take it out once in a while. I mean look at that picture every time things don't seem like they are looking up. Because once you put that dream away that's it. It's gonna be almost impossible to get back on track of your goal. You're gonna have that moment that maybe it's too late. But its never too late. Ever!!!! That's why I say that if you have a dream than keep pushing. Don't let anything or anyone stop you...finance, people, spouse, etc. No one.
Everything that God has promised us is already ours, we just have fight for. God gives you the blueprint but He won't do all the work. We have to do things to. We can pray all day about jobs and families but sitting back and doing nothing won't make it happen. You have to keep on moving on when you feel like giving up and just think like this, this is my purpose therefore I am destined for success. God promised these things and he will provide, for God is not a man and He can not lie.
Really hope you guys can feel what I'm saying. I have been through so much, had dreams and them go...just gave up for what ever reason. Never thought that the situations I was in was a step to my real true purpose, so I quit my dreams. And have had to start all over again.
You'll never have to restart if you just keep on keepin on!

Take care and God bless


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