Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scandal season 4 ep 2 recap (spoilers)

I love me some #Scandal. It's so good.

Here is what happened:

-We see how Huck and liv met, in a train station. Every Sunday liv goes to see her dad for dinner to pay off her school loans. (Flashback)

-Back to the present Liv's client is Jeanine who is a worker at the white house but was leaked as the alleged mistress. Liv and Fitz converse on Jeanine being her client and to watch his back. He tells her to do what she has to do.
-Cyrus and Milly want to know who leaked Jeanine as the mistress. They try and figure out a strategy. But first they have to find out where she is.
- The gladiators are doing their best to clear Jeanine, although it was there idea in the first place. They hold a press conference stressing that the WH is losing control because they keep leaking false info.
-Flashback again to Liv in the train station coming from her dad's house on the phone with Edison about getting married where she is almost mugged then comes Huck to the rescue. She runs away and he continues to kick ass.
-Back to the present the gladiators are trying to figure out a way to clear their client. News leaks about her spending all of this alleged time with Fitz which looks bad and now they have to find an alibi. She says she spends time with another co worker and they IM ( people still do they) which will be proof she wasn't with the president at those times.
-Eli pope pops up at Olivias job where he sees Huck and all of her gladiators. They go in her office and talk. Quinn is snooping as usual trying to figure out why Liv never mentioned her dad living in DC before. Huck tells her its nothing.
-Meanwhile in the office Liv and her dad are arguing about letting Jeanine lie and say she did sleep with the Pres and he'll let Jake (Scott Superman) go. She says no. And continues her search for Jake at the morgue.
-Liv calls Fitz to tell him about the black ops that have Jake and wants to know if he knows whether he's alive or not. Fitz says he can't help her. She says that Jake is being tortured. He tells her he'll see what he can do. Talks to Cyrus, Cyrus plays dumb, Fitz says I know you know who they are and to find out about Jake. Cy says there isn't anything they can do.
-Flashback to Liv spending another Sunday dinner at her dads. They began discussing her getting mugged she brings up what Huck said to her about being a black op assassin which is how he learned to fight, this opens up a can of worms of course cause her dad is in charge of those black ops.... and as you remember from last season Huck was released by another Black ops agent and they couldn't find him. We assume her dad makes some calls cause Huck goes missing.
-Another flashback is Oliva asking her dad if he ever asked his FBI friend about this Black ops agency, her dad tells her there is no such thing and to let it go. That her friend Huck was arrested for fighting train riders and that he was crazy. She says she doesn't believe that because Huck was always nice to her. Her dad yells at her to let it go.
- Back in the present, the team is still trying to get the IMs, they meet the co worker and convince him to do it the next day.
-Milly is watching the News talk ish about her maybe lying about the presidents affair to get attention for her failed career before becoming first lady. Of course she doesn't like that.
-Flash back to Olivia going to the Acme place Huck told her about, that's really a cover up for assassins. She thinks back to her father. Then meets him at a restaurant and asks him if he's the person training people to kill people. He doesn't answer, she starts to cry. He tells her to sit down and have dinner she leaves. Comes to the following Sunday dinner with Edison, revealing that they are getting married and that Edison would basically put a wrench to his black ops agency if he didn't let Huck go.
- Back in the present Jeanine is going to do a live interview telling the world she isn't banging the president. The gladiators fix her up and calm her down.
- That night Liv gets a call about a possible body... it could be Jake. While she's out, Jeanine who's sleeping on Olivias couch gets a call. It's FLOTUS!!! Dum dum dum! They meet in a limo to talk business. Meanwhile at the morgue its not Jake. Liv arrives home to Jeanine fast sleep on the couch like nothing happened.
-Flash back Huck is back in the train station with a black eye. Liv is happy to see him. Then her dad calls and she finds out that he physically harmed Edison to show that everything comes at price. He tells her to break off her engagement with Edison. She tells him to stay away from her.
-Back in the present the gladiators are getting ready for Jeanine's interview. They get word back that they can't use the IMs because Jeanine told him to erase then. The team realise someone in the white house got to her.
-Olivia's phone rings its the president telling her there wasn't anything he could do about Jake it was out of his hands. She tells him he is POTUS he can do everything.
- She then calls her dad to tell him to let Jake go. He tells her no.
-Liv asks Jeanine what they offered her, she plays dumb, then offers up that they promised her $2mil to lie about sleeping with the pres. Liv tells her it's a bad idea. Then they get interrupted by breaking news!!
-The breaking news is the president is about to announce that he is indeed having an affair with Jeanine. THE vp doesn't by it.
- Quinn has been spying on Olivias emails and finds information about Livs dad that she then brings it to Huck and he figures out who Liv's dad really is.
-Huck confronts Liv about her dad. Then yolks her up against the car asking her not to lie. He was angry. But then he lets her go and she reveals that her dad is Command. Huck leaves.
-Olivia is upset in her house, on the couch drinking wine. Her dad rings, he tells her to go to the door, she tells him she wanted nothing to do with him. But she goes to the door its Jake!!!! He's battered. Her dad tells her he'll see her Sun for dinner. She grabs Jake and hugs him.

Whew! Good right. You guys have to watch it to believe how great this show is. Next week Olivia is in a hostage situation!!
See you then!!

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