Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogtober day 10 2013-Gratitude; 99 things we are thankful for

Okay so I won't be typing in all 99 things but I will use 10 things.
This was posted this morning, at a time way before I wake up usually. I'm always cranky when woken up before my body clock wakes me up usually around 10-11( don't judge me) but this morning again I was awakened out of my sleep. Which isn't a big deal when you finally get your thoughts together, but at the time all these crazy things run through your mind. Then I saw this tweet from Iyanla stating that we should be grateful for things that seem small and to take the hour listing 99 things we were thankful for #thankfulthursdays.

Here are 10 things/ people I am thankful for:

1) God
2) My man in the world
3) My mommy... she's so strong, encouraged me to take care of my body.
4) Food in my stomach... none in my fridge right now but I just ate the best chk and broc from the Chinese food store.
5) Heat and hot water...seems so simple but unless you've been without you have no idea how amazing they are
6) My health
7) Roof over my head
8) Waking up this AM...although I love my sleep I am always thankful to wake up and ask God what He wants me to do today.
9) My friend Wes... he's always always here for me even when I don't ask for him to be I know he's got my back.
10) My mind...yes it is a terrible thing to waste. I keep my mind active by staying creative, doing puzzles etc. As we get older besides our bone mass the first thing that goes is the brain. Keep it active!!

Wow that was easy. But like I said I have a lot of things and people to be thankful for. God didn't make a mistake where he made us so let's be thankful for everything He has given us.


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