Monday, October 7, 2013

Blogtober Day 7--Im almost 30...

God has an amazing way of telling me things. As most of you know I've been without any employment for 3 years now. I've applied to hundreds of jobs and only one interview. At least 4 times I missed a call/email for a potential job because of lack of phone service and internet service.
I still apply to jobs here and there but probably not as much as most people who are unemployed. Here is the reason. I can't settle. I know you are probably like well anything is better than nothing right? Although true for most, but from past experiences this is not the case for me. I've been hospitalized because of medical things that happened to me because I had that mentality. I hated my job so much because I began settling that it began to make me sick. Very sick. Depressed, ill, migraines, anxiety attacks... you name it. But I was making money, which is better than being broke right? Gotta pay those bills...gotta buy those clothes, gotta keep up with the joneses right? And because of these things I've always felt like i made a mistake. Although nothing is truly a mistake with my life. I've made choices I regret, but they were never mistakes.

Since I was younger I knew I was supposed to start my own business. I've always known this. But some how along the way it's like I forgot. And when I did remember i made an excuse as to why I couldn't do this or that. Meanwhile I was getting older and began to feel like I haven't accomplished much like most people my age. I don't have a driver's license, no car, never owned anything major like property, don't have my BA yet which delays my MA which delays my I'm almost 30.

I've been trying since 2010 to start a business....notice I say a business because I've tried many things and when the slightest setback occurs I'd give up. Between not having money to survive, and other life issues I put that dream a way. And now 3 years later I've picked it up again. All of them. Why not right? I regret giving up so easy but now im back to work. After reading #xonecole of she inspired me even more that (a) God was listening when I told him I was too old to start a business (b) everything comes in do timing, we just have to be patient.

You're never too old to do your thang!! Please remember this!

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