Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogtober day 3, Oct 3rd Scandal

Hey lovely readers,

I was thinking about what could I post about today. As I'm sitting here waiting for #Scandal to come on I couldn't help but think back to when I first started watching the show and why I started in the first place. Well the number one reason was Kerry hello. The second reason was the fact that I try my hardest to support my people... and by my people I mean Black people. Not that it matters to most but there aren't many black actors/actresses on television with more than one scene. It's usually a guest appearance or one scene that we make a pop up. Or we are in multiple scenes but we play the sidekick to the main character. I mean history speaks for itself, the last leading African American actress was Dianne Carroll in a show called "Julia", which was more than 20 years ago. So my day 3 is a tribute to #Scandal especially Kerry Washington. I hope this season brings many many more. was

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