Monday, October 14, 2013

Blogtober say what?

Ugh when it rains it pours. I'm telling you every time I try to start up my blog..meaning get it back in to order, something goes wrong with my internet. Currently I'm using my old phone, not to sound ungrateful but it is old. Lol. Therefore it's harder to post blogs regularly. Friday I was thinking of a good idea for my posts...had it all planned then bam my phone refused to come on. I could've cried but I figured Id just keep working with it until it came on. Then I thought about what I was doing when my phone freaked out...doing some job searching. Now Some of you might think this is crazy but this is true, Every time I do a job search something bad happens. And I don't mean sometimes I mean like all the laptop shuts off, internet goes crazy or something. Sometimes even when I blog something bad happens, I don't know what is going on. Then  I think is this is God telling me not to do these things... I mean what other explaination is this except God. I have lots of dreams that include me doing my own thing. Having my own business. At the end of the day there's no job out there that I'm going to be happy to get up to go to every morning that ill love 100%. Some of you hate your jobs right now, or do you kinda hate it and just deal with it until you find something. I can't do that anymore cause it's a waste of time and a health issue for me. It gives me anxiety to do things I really really hate but have to because I have no choice. I don't have kids nor any bills so I don't have much responsibility compared to most but still.

So back to my bad vibes I guess you can call them. After my phone stopped working I cried, asked God if He was serious not again. So I am not sure y this keeps happening because I blogging and I thought God wants us to do what we dream for. Of course he does but not everything we pray for is meant to be I guess ....or when we keep getting knocked down we just keep going. A delay isn't a denial and things take patience lots of patience. Crying helps, at least for me it does. So does prayer, lots of prayer. And find it in you to keep going.

Ill be back tomorrow!
If I'm not you know what happened. Lol


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