Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blogtober 2013, day 1 my most memorable Halloween ever!!

Happy First day of October...spoooky!! Lol. Okay maybe not but I tried. How are yall? great I hope. Well since it is October 1st I was thinking about vlogtober but I remembered my disaster vlogust attempt. Lol. So why not blogtober... that's a thing right? Well if not I guess I'm the first. Anyhoo my life is too uneventful to blog daily about it so my Blogtober will feature all things related to this month. From food to craft projects. Fashion, hair, tv shows, and of course a special last ten days. So to kick things off day 1 of Blogtober is a story that happened on Halloween when I was 7-8. I had received so much candy this Halloween. From my school, from stores on Main Street about 40 . I mean I had really racked up this time around. Maybe it was my diy Pocahantas outfit my mommy made. My long wig that came down to my butt. Who knows exactly what it was, but this was going to be the best Halloween ever! Or so I thought. Fast forward several hours and I found myself at a Halloween party at my dad's job, it was an annual thing but this time they had a pinata. I just kept waiting around for them to crack that bad boy open. My mother told me " they are about to play the pinata game but DO NOT GO GET ANY CANDY" she said I had enough candy. I mean she was right I had to big bags full of candy... not to mention the goodies I had gathered at the party. So I reassured my mom how I was a big girl and pinatas are for babies. But deep down inside I couldn't wait to see all that candy pop out of that humungeous pinata belly. So after several wacks at the thing it didn't crack not one bit. This frustrated me, my mom said why you look upset not like you're getting anything from it anyway. Well as soon as I saw it crack and all that candy came rushing out I ran for my life straight to that candy! It was like an impulse thing. My legs ran out from under me. Next thing I know I was on the bottom of a pile of 30 kids, that were way bigger than me....I've been tiny all my life. I was squashed... all I remember is my dad pulling me out the rubble, my best friend Leslie screaming like I was dying. And I was getting so much attention from everyone. Needless to say they never had pinatas again at the Halloween party plus they got so boring they just cancelled them altogether. As for me I got to get my leg scanned, it was fractured. And my mom did yell at me for disobeying her but was there for me making me soup and doing mom stuff. Yes I got hurt but it still was the best Halloween ever! What's your most memorable Halloween? Pynkstarr

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