Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scandal season 3 ep1 review (spoilers)

Omgosh just got finished watching Scandals new season and I must say it had me reeling with anticipation. Something I don't believe I've ever felt before.... for any show. Well if you've never seen the show then this post won't make any sense. LOL!

Here is the recap:
-We open up to daddy pope and Olivia in the limo. Where we left off last season.
-He basically wants Olivia to disappear because of the fact that her name has gotten out as being the mistress to the president of the US.
-Daddy pope is a bad mam a jamma cause he goes in on Liv something serious. Tells her did she really think she'd be first lady, all the things no daddy should ever say to a daughter.

-She calls Cyrus to tell him she's leaving , on a plane to go somewhere. Anywhere to be unknown. Cyrus explains that if she leaves fitz will have a fit and he won't be able to control him. Fitz will think he (cy)  had liv killed and there for not trust him.

- Cy convinces Olivia to get off the plane, her dad is upset tells her she's making a mistake.

-Back at the white house everyone is going crazy over the story. Cyrus and VP are arguing as usual. (Sidebar: I tuned out at this part because Liv wasn't featured)
-Liv makes it back to the office, there waiting were her gladiators  to whisk her out at of the limo.

-Liv's team try and get her to come up with a plan, she says it being handled, they say by who the white house. She says yes and to go find clients they tell her all the clients care about is the cheating scandal.

-Things seem to be going bad because all of their clients are firing the gladiators.

- In comes David to ask liv what she's going to do, she's quiet, in walks the gladiators to turn on the news and they have a breaking story showing the prez coming out the back door of liv's place.

-Liv receives a call from her dad, she meets him in her garage, he tells her to get on the plane, she says no, goes inside calls some number....then the best scene of the night is her leaving in a limo while the paparazzi waits outside her building. And here comes at least 10 limos lol. Why don't celebs do that in real life. Oh wait I forgot they're the ones who called the paparazzi!

-Liv was actually going to meet up with fitz and mellie to discuss the situation. Fitz says he loves liv in front of his wife!!!

- They come up with a plan to just come clean with everything.

-Cy also comes up with a plan with his interns "Olivia kill folder", in which they research her life. They mention her being MIA for a few sure they'll delve more into liv's past.

-Meantime the gladiators are coming up with their own plan, which includes throwing an intern under the bus with a video of her saying she thinks the prez is hot.

-This throws the press off of Olivia and on to the poor intern. Olivia is mad at her team for fixing the problem.

-We see mellie coming to the conclusion that Fitz was actually the one to leak Olivias name to the press to save face.

-Fast forward to cyrus's house where his husband is knocked out on his bed and a black op has a gun to his head. Cyrus is then seen with daddy pope, turns out he just wanted to inform Cyrus on something in a folder. Which we won't find out until the seasons end im sure.
- Last scene is the gladiators and their new client, the poor intern.

Wow! The first episode was out of this world. I don't think you can be sane and write anything this amazing. Shonda writes the way most writers do but no as predictable as others. She throws curve balls, leaves US hanging. I mean Id love to see what else she can do. Can't wait for next week. Will you be watching?


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