Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blogtober 24-Scandal season 4 ep4 recap

Hey y'all here's my recap of Ep 4.

-Jake and Olivia are arguing in her apartment about her dad, Sid pope. She basically tells him that it's time they stop all communications because it can only end badly if her father found out he was still there. Jake leaves.

-The gladiators have a new client, a Senator who sexted some half naked pictures to tons of women, one ends up dead.

-Huck is back at AA meetings for killing, Quinn follows him but he catches her hiding out at the meeting.

-Elections are coming up so Milly, Cy, and Fitz are on their P's and Q's to make sure everything goes well, but people wont let it go about the infidelities in the WH. Not to mention Milly said some not so nice things about a Democrat women running for President (Lisa Kudrow) while sum else's mic was on.

-The gladiators are in court trying to prove the Senator to be innocent. They bring up things about the girl's past that may hurt David Rosen's case big time. Quinn is still trying to help Huck out with his 'Killing' problem.

-Turns out the Senator has a sex addiction. He has been texting women even during the trial. Liv and her team has to decide what to do now.

-Milly is doing media control because of her comments. Fitz has a proper burial for his friend from the navy, Pete Foster who Huck killed last week, he was apart of #operationremmington.

-Jake is following Liv's father to get info to bring him down. He leaves the information with Liv even though she says she wants nothing to do with him or what her dad does for a living. Huck looks through the file on the guy he killed and has the realization that Sid can probably be brought down

-The Senators wife goes missing for a while, then Liv finds her and persuades her to testify so that her husband doesn't go to jail.

-Huck and Jake show up to Liv's  apartment with evidence to bring down command aka Sid Pope. They bring her a file about #operationremmington which states that a plane Pete Foster was supposed to be flying was actually flown by Fitz.

-The Senator is found not guilty, Liv finds out that he wasn't really with his wife and that she was out that day. Then Liv puts two and two together and realizes that his wife was the killer of the girl.

-Quinn and Huck get into about her fascination for killing. Quinn, girl get it together. I don't like the way they are going with her character but we are pretty early in the season.

-Jake and Liv are making out when Fitz calls to talk about something, he hears a mans voice then hangs up. Fitz arrives at Sid Pope's headquarters. Which is not a good thing because it will bring up some past things that should stay hidden during election year.

My views on this episode was A+ we are getting closer and closer to finding out the truth with Operation Remmington. And if Quinn will become the new Huck and start killing people. She's crazy now. \
I know the recap is short but there was just too much details before. This recap this week is my new method. More of a synopsis of the episodes than detail formatted blog.

Thank you all so much for the support.

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