Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogtober 9,-The Big Chop & 5 tips I learned

I think the most asked question I get is should I BC or not and my answer usually is do it if you can deal with the (a) stares from people trying to figure out if you're sick which is the reason why you chopped of all of your hair...cause God forbid you did it for a personal choice. (B) not having long hair for a very long period. Depending upon your hair growth there is a time when after you BC you go though an awkward stage that many can't handle. It's serious! You don't feel pretty, you can't wear your hair in a ponytail. It can get frustrating, it feels like your hair may never grow back. You feel like there aren't any styles that make you look like a girl. I tell this to people because it's the truth for most, not all, naturals. What some one else can tolerate varies on the person. Since doing my BC 3 years ago I've been unemployed meaning I can wear my hair however I want. I can wear a hat or scarf for bad hair days. But for most people who work they experience a time when they feel their only choice is to go back to the creamy crack.

I've been there before too...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We watch these people on YouTube go from a TWA (teeny weeny afro) to shoulder length hair in what seems like less than a year. They seem so happy they big chopped...they do all those styles but we don't see is what happens after the camera cut off. Its not going to be easy in the beginning but it's so worth it.

Here are my tips for BC:
1) If youre like me having relaxers in your hair almost all of your life then you've never seen your natural hair before. It's going to be dry. Not sure if this is everyone but

my hair was so dry. Just feed it water and a good moisturizer. 2) Purchase hair accessories to help with those days when your not feeling the natural look. 3) Don't feel confined to the "natural" rules that state you can't wear weaves, wigs... you can if you want to don't worry about what other people say about that stuff. Do you! 4) Eat properly and drink plenty of water. This helps keep your hair growing and healthy from the inside out 5) just have fun! Let go of being so worried about family and friends who have something to say. Enjoy this time getting to learn your hair and don't let anyone get you down. Rock that fro girl!! Did you big chop? Pynkstarr

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