Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scandal Season 4 ep3 recap

I know I am late but I've pretty busy since Thursday. But here is my recap.

-Opening scene is Jake in Liv's bed. Liv is trying to talk to Huck. Liv goes into the office and she has a new client. Mel, Cy and Fitz are talking about political and parenting skills.

-Huck is trying to kill Daddy Pope from the info that Liv informed him of last week.

-Some crazy guy is running through the WH saying he needs to talk to the president regarding that closed file Daddy pope showed Cy, in the first episode. Gosh what the heck is in the File.

-After going through the new clients finanacials Liv realizes something is wrong so she goes to the White House, only to find that everyone has left there offices and as she walks through the door she sees that Mary (her Client), has a bomb strapped to her chest.

-Mary's son was killed in an FBI raid. But no one knows why. Turns out that her son might have been a terrorist and she wants his file declassified or else she will blow up the white house and Olivia.

-The president was released from the panic room. And he is on the job to finally be a real president by putting the snipers on the job. He makes the plan. Harrison informs Liv via cell phone that they are planning on shooting Mary and that those orders came from Fitz.

-Liv makes a call to the the negotiator and tells him to stand down.

-Mary begins to freak out and says Goodbye to Liv. Liv pushes Mary away from the window to show Fitz that she is in there too and so they won't kill Mary and blow up the room.

-Liv is trying to make a plan but now the negotiators think she is the terrorist to. She calls Jake, he calls the president for help. The president says he can't help.

-Huck follows Daddy Pope to the crazy guy, the one running through the WH, he lives in a trailer and whats the Pres to come clean. Daddy pope tells him to relax and he gives him something. On his way out he is met by a gun, Huck's Gun.

-With Huck gone the team is going crazy trying to hack into the FBI files. A women from the FBI pulls Harrison aside to inform him that Mary's Son is in fact a terrorist and they have more proof. Videos and letters.

-Harrison informs Liv that the FBI has proof, then he calls her back to inform her that the FBI agent seemed shady.

-They talk to David Rosen and ask him to search the name of the Agent, it turns out she was a fake.
David goes to Cy for information on the real true file. Cy says he can't tell him and that he is still indebted to him from the Citron Card and that he owes him nothing. The information in the file is "above his paygrade" (Cyrus will read you in a min) then tells him to have a good day.

-As Cyrus goes to open the door to kick David out, David begans reading off the names of all the officers that were promoted after shooting Mary's son. And he threatens to leak those names to the DNC before reelection.

-Cy, Fitz and some other official of the CIA calls Liv to explain that Mary's son Chris wasn't a Terroist but he was in fact a CIA agent that acted as a terrorist to bring down terrorist groups. But Liv couldn't inform his mom, Mary, because it's classified.

-Liv decides to lie to Mary about her son, calling him a terrorist instead of a hero to defend her country. Mary breaks down, Liv feels bad for lying.

-As the Senator, Liv and Mary go to leave the office, Mary pushes Liv out of the office and locks herself in. She detonates the bomb.

-Liv and the senator escape unscathed but then Quinn tells her she's been spying on Huck and found that he is obsessed with her father.

-Melly is in the WH drinking and laughing. Fitz asks her what happened, she says she is happy. He asks why and tells her that Olivia could have died tonight which is something she would be happy about right? Melly laughs and says no she is happy that Liv is alive because she is the only thing that she can use againt Fitz to make him her puppet. And that with Liv dead she wouldn't be able to make Fitz do as she pleases. She will hold this affair over his head forever. Which is why she was celebrating. Melly walks out and leaves Fitz sitting there.

-Liv heads back to her office, Huck is sitting there in the dark. Liv asks if he killed her father, he says he didn't. We flash back to the point where Huck has the gun in Sid Pope's face. Sid tells Huck that he left a job inside for him to finish and then walks away. Huck goes inside to find the crazy man tied to a table with a Razor. Huck goes back to his old self and kills the man, who I assume knew a lot about that file #operationremmington. Huck makes it look like a suicide.

-Back to the present Olivia is comforting a saddened Huck, he informs Liv that once you are in that's it you can get out.
Liv goes back to her apartment and Jake is worried about her. She asks Jake why was he there. Jake says he'll leave. She says no I mean why did my dad let you out. He says he doesn't know. Her phone rings, its her dad. Then her other phone rings, its Fitz. She tells Jake that her dad never just let people go and that he is using him for something. She tells him not to worry cause she is in too and he wont let her out either. Her house phone rings but her and Jake just sit on the couch.

-Sid is in the Limo looking pissed that Liv wont answer and throws down his phone.

That episode was great. A lot people have said that the show isn't as good since it's popularity has grown. Too me its still a great show, the writing, the casting all of that. There is a hater in every bunch right. Lol.
Hope e joyed this recap. Ill be back next weekend where they are doing an episode based on Weiner but the woman he sends his pic to ends up dead. . . .dum dum dum lol.


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